6 Really Cool Furniture Pieces For Your Kids Bedroom….!

6 Really Cool Furniture Pieces For Your Kids Bedroom….!

Turn your child’s bedroom into a fun and quirky space with these really cool furniture pieces. We’ve shortlisted 6 pieces of furniture that will delight your kids and look great as well.

1) Mushroom Tables

You can up the cool quotient in your child’s room by placing these adorable toad stools or mushroom tables in the room. You can place books, toys or any other Knick knacks on these tables. They not only look great but are functional as well.

2) Space Shuttle Bunk Bed

Make sleep time very exciting with this space shuttle shaped bunk bed. They look cool and your kids will absolutely love it. It might be a good way to introduce your child to the concept of space and astronomy.

3) Quirky Bean Bags

Bean bags area great way to add a pop of color to the room. You can use bright colored upholstery or you can use your child’s favourite football team or cricket team’s colors. Your child will love to curl up on this colorful and comfortable bean bag.

4) Blackboard Cupboard Door

Tired of your kids scribbling on your walls? Don’t worry, give them space to scribble by making a blackboard wall in the room or a making a blackboard cupboard door in your child’s room. This is a really cool way to let your kids scribble and dabble on the walls without messing up the room. You can also go for whiteboard paint which is a wipe able surface for washable markers instead of a blackboard.

5) Hanging Perspex Chair

A hanging Perspex chair looks cool and futuristic and allows your child to chill out and relax in the privacy of his or her room. It is the perfect space for your child to read a book or listen to music as well.

6) Different Shaped Mirrors

Mirrors in the shape of spectacles, bunny ears and clouds are just some quirky shapes of mirrors that can adorn your child’s room and add character to it. They look cool and your child will love it.

These are just some of many ideas that can radically transform your kids’ room where they spend most of their time into a personal haven they will love and cherish!

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