22 Storage Hacks If You’re Stuck With A Small Kitchen….!

22 Storage Hacks If You’re Stuck With A Small Kitchen….!

Storage is a huge problem when you have a tiny kitchen. You have to make sure that you have enough cooking space to avoid any hazards and yet keep it clean and organised. There are kitchen tools, utensils, gadgets, appliances and so many other small items that need to be stored wisely so that you can work in the kitchen without accidents.

Is it a problem for you to keep everything organised in the kitchen all the time? Fret not. We have some clever and handy storage hacks that will help you keep your kitchen spotless and organised. Take a look and practice these hacks to keep your small kitchen tidy all the time.

  1. Store vessel lids with curtain rods.Lids of the cooking vessels often take up a lot of space in your cupboard. Use a simple curtain rod to keep them organised on your kitchen wall.
  2. Magnetised spice jars will help you save a lot of space in your kitchen. You can have them stuck on the refrigerator and use them as needed.
  3. It is difficult and unsafe to store cleaning supplies with food in your pantry. Use the empty space under your sink to store all your cleaning supplies.
  4. Wire baskets come in handy when you need extra storage space and you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Drill these baskets under your existing shelves and you’ll have space to store more items.
  5. Don’t have enough space in your pantry to store small snacks. Invest in plastic wall pockets and hang them on the wall for storage.
  6. If you have a vertical bake ware organizer, turn it over to store them horizontally. You’ll save a lot of space.
  7. Use empty egg crates to organise small items in your drawer. It will ensure that your tiny washers, keys and coins don’t get lost.
  8. Make your own baking supplies basket.Avoid walking back and forth to the cabinet for fetching ingredients while baking. Keep a large basket with all the baking supplies .Place this basket on your kitchen counter so that your cabinet stays neat and you save precious time while baking.
  9. You can have a customized pull-out chopping board counter above your trash can or have an over-the-sink chopping board to keep your kitchen counter clean.
  10. Invest in small storage racks with wheels. They can be used to store small items of your kitchen or the containers. Keep at the corner of your kitchen and pull it out when you need something.
  11. Build customized tapered shelves on the kitchen wall and utilize them judiciously. They aren’t very expensive and make your kitchen look decorative and neat.
  12. Use the corners of your kitchen to store wine bottles or you can also get corner drawers constructed to keep things organised.
  13. Wall mounted food dispensers are boons for small kitchens. You can use these containers to store rice, sugar, lentils and so on.
  14. Install a magazine holder on the inside of the cabinet door under your sink. You can use this space to store chopping boards, knives, etc.
  15. Sort your utensils with drawer inserts.Instead of placing your utensils or cutlery haphazardly in a drawer, use drawer inserts to keep them sorted. Your drawer will look neat and you won’t have to keep looking for your spoons and forks.
  16. Install a paper towel holder inside your cabinet door. This will help you save space on the counter.
  17. Use a tension rod to hang and organise the spray bottles under the sink.
  18. Keep wine bottles organised.Use a collapsible wine rack to store your bottles. Place it on the lower shelf of your refrigerator so that they don’t keep rolling to the other counters.
  19. Use old magazine holders as plastic bags and aluminium foil holders inside the door of your kitchen cabinets.
  20. Use the sides of your cabinet to hang ladles and spoons.
  21. Create freezer shelves using magazine holders.If you don’t have enough space in your freezer, try organizing it with the help of these magazine holders. You can easily store small items in it.
  22. Use the ceiling space to hang your pots and pans.Buy an overhead rack for your kitchen ceiling and hang your utensils in a stylish way. It will save space in your kitchen cabinet and make your kitchen look fancy.

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