17 Wacky Yet Cute – Curios, You Must Buy Before Moving into a New Home….!

17 Wacky Yet Cute – Curios, You Must Buy Before Moving into a New Home….!

After years of living in rented properties, you are looking forward to moving into your new home. You want to personalize every inch of your new home so that it reflects you and your family’s tastes and preferences. It can be such a relief that there will be no more hesitation to put a nail in the wall or to get the living room painted in bright colors.

To make your new home more attractive, here we are giving a list of curios that you should consider buying, to make it look more appealing, and unique.

  • Fused Glass Bottles

Who knew that fused and recycled glass bottles can make for such interesting trays, cheese platter, Tea light holder or décor pieces. Get one of those in the bright green or blue color to add a pop to your living room.


  • Wind Chimes

Relax with the tinkling sounds of the wind chimes when the breeze gently floats in every time. Available in metal, glass, wood, terracotta or shells, you can be spoiled for choices.


  • Tabletop Water Fountain

What can be more calming than the gentle gurgling sounds of flowing water at the end of a long day. Get a small tabletop fountain, or better yet, do a DIY version yourself with simple materials that you can show off to your visiting friends.


  • Customized Name Plates

Welcome your guests with an attractive nameplate that can be a good conversation starter. Get one customized or wake up your creative side to create a unique one.


  • Wall Hangings

They serve a dual purpose – they can create a visual partition, and can also add a dash of color. The ones with mirror work can create a play of light in your house. Wall hangings make for an excellent reference to our rich culture too.


  • Antiques

Antique items add their own vintage charm and uniqueness to a home. Grab brass pots to use as a water body to float flowers, as a flower vase or even a quirky planter.

  • Key holders

Even a simple item like a key holder can be made interesting with some twist to reflect your hobbies or passions, like driving, etc.

  • Refurbished Trunk Boxes

Yet another article that can add another dimension to your living space are the good old Trunk boxes. Spruce up your grandma’s trunk box or get one and restore it to make for an attractive centre table that can also double up as extra storage.


  • Wall shelves

Gone are the days when wall shelves were meant primarily for keeping books. Get one of the simple ones to showcase your curio collection from your holiday trips. Make this an attractive center point of your hosting space.


  • Cushions and throws

Make your living room more inviting and warm, with cushions covered in beautiful covers and textures. From silks to earthy cotton, from simple to quirky prints –  let your imagination soar.


  • Posters

Interesting wall posters can highlight another dimension of your personality. Show your love for Hollywood or Bollywood movies with vintage posters, or your Zen side with a Buddha, or make it inspirational or wacky – go ahead and express with posters.


  • Bar Accessories

If you are planning to add a bar to your new home, go ahead and get those cute little shot glasses, or beer mugs to add a twist to your spirits. Get one of those Decanters or unique wine holders to add interest to your bar.


  • Fridge Magnets

Refrigerators play a significant role as a communication centre for the family, apart from cold storage. Add funky and funny magnets to your fridge, to pin up important notes and reminders to your family and yourself.


  • Tealights and aromatic candles

Set the mood up for any occasion with aromatic candle sand tealights placed in cute little holders. Welcome your guests with notes of Vanilla, rose, and lavender, our all-time favourites.


  • Photo displays

A Happy home is made with happy memories. Put up pictures of favourite memories in interesting photo frames around the house to remind you of the good times.


  • Mirrors and Decals

Get mirrors with beautiful frames and put them in strategic places in various rooms. A mirror with a beautiful frame is a great addition to your foyer. The reflection from the mirrors also makes your house look bigger. Dress up your walls further with Decal stickers that can be stuck on walls for a more interesting look.


  • Plants and Planters

The trend nowadays is to maintain as many plants as possible in and around the house. A view of greenery is visually pleasing to the eyes and helps in purifying the air you breathe.

Opt for planters that come in unusual shapes and sizes. Go for railing planters and plant some of those colorful Begonias. For those who prefer low maintenance, go for a collection of succulents that are easy to maintain and are the current hot décor trend.


  • Earth, wood, and metal

Buy exotic curios in the above textures for display in and around the house. Idols of Buddha, Ganesha, Vastu items, and other religious items of your choice are good options. The other alternative is to collect ethnic toys on your travels, to later display and brag about them.

  • Lights and Lamps

Glam up your place with some unusual lamps and lights that add an aura to your home. You can opt for minimalist, metallic details, or go for the handmade ones made in bamboo or bog wood to give an earthy touch to your home. Drape angel lights in your balcony and around your centre pieces to create a surreal feeling.

  • Go kitschy

Get colorful kitsch kettles or those exotic masks from your travels to create a character for your home.

  • Glass vases and crystals

If your kids are grownup, then go ahead and get beautiful vases and crystals to display your fresh or dry flower collection.

Home is where the heart is

There are millions of ways you can decorate your home and personalize it. You can either keep it simple and fuss free, or go all the way and make it royal. When it comes to doing up and decorating your new home, go ahead and do it the way you want it, there is no right or wrong to it. Remember, creating a curated décor doesn’t have to be an expensive affair.A house of bricks becomes a home, by the people who live in it and the memories they create.

So, go ahead and create a memorable living space with your curios and collections.

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